Shrink Rap Radio Podcast

April 28, 2022
I recently had the pleasure of an interview on Shrink Rap Radio. To watch it via video click here: To listen via audio click here:

How Bioenergetic Psychotherapy Unlocks the Feelings Carried in Your Body

March 30, 2022
This science-based approach to therapy explores the mind-body connection as a healing modality Modern psychotherapy generally occurs with the therapist and client sitting on chairs or on a couch. The client(s) talks about their problems, the therapist listens, asks questions, and offers insights. While bioenergetic therapy starts in this way, it doesn’t end there. Bioenergetic therapists incorporate movement […]

A Time for Tantrums:

February 10, 2022
What 2-year-olds model about releasing frustration and restoring calm Imagine the familiar scene — a 2-year-old gets frustrated about not getting something they want or not being able to do something that excites them. They throw themselves on the floor, stomp their feet, pound their arms, and shout or scream. No one teaches them this behavior. The […]

Talking Therapy with Laurie Ure

January 7, 2022
In this podcast, I talked with Devaraj Sandberg, from the UK, about my work as a bioenergetic psychotherapist. Devaraj has written a book titled Bioenergetics: Healing Trauma & Conditioning. He works primarily as a coach and with groups. His book gives an excellent overview of bioenergetic exercises. Watch here:

Enjoy the Holiday season More Fully: start by considering – what do you want?

December 11, 2021
Magazine ads, commercials, and songs lead us to believe that the holiday season is “the most wonderful time of the year.” We expect happiness, abundance, and joyful family togetherness. But this season often brings a mix of feelings and experiences. Even families that look perfect from the outside have conflicts, sorrow, and sometimes a lack […]

The Road Not Built:

November 8, 2021
Saving Sacred Lands — the Grand Staircase Escalante I celebrate the action of President Biden to restore the monuments of Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase Escalante in southern Utah. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to experience these areas’ sacred and unique beauty, I share a personal account about why their preservation remains […]

Beyond Gold

September 19, 2021
Four lessons from Simone Biles about trauma and life After the flame from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics extinguished and I reflected on the events, my attention focused, more than anything else, on the experience of Simone Biles. In her conduct, she exemplified excellence as a role model and a teacher. In addition, through her example, […]

A Different Take on Anxiety & Fear

August 10, 2021
Your fear may have an important message for you. Acknowledging it doesn’t mean you let it stop you from doing things you want to do. In my psychotherapy practice, I recently received a call from a potential client stating she wanted help “getting rid of anxiety.” Anxiety, which I think of as fear in motion, […]

Recovering from Pandemic Stress?: You’re not Alone

July 8, 2021
I’ve noticed waves of strong emotions in myself recently, along with a confusing mix of wanting time alone with an urge to be around people. I shared this with a group of friends on a text thread and discovered several of them experienced this too, along with feeling more tired than usual and considering big […]

Exploring Your Body’s Messages: Working with the body in psychotherapy – the bioenergetic approach

June 8, 2021
Modern psychotherapy generally occurs with the therapist and client sitting on chairs or on a couch. The client(s) talks about their problems, the therapist listens, asks questions and offers insights. While bioenergetic therapy starts in this way, it doesn’t end there. Bioenergetic therapists incorporate movement as part of the therapy. The movement includes exercises to […]

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